How To Choose Suitable Crusher

How To Choose Suitable Crusher

Stone crushing equipment is the necessary equipment in mining and construction fields. Crusher is mainly used to crush bulk raw materials into desired sizes. Nowadays, there are various types and models of crushers in market, then how can we choose suitable one among these stone crushers? In this article, we mainly talk about several factors customers should pay attention to while choosing suitable crusher machine.

While choosing suitable crusher, customers should take the following factors into consideration:

Raw material: while choosing crusher, customers should firstly confirm if the crusher suitable for crushing their raw materials. Different types of crushers suitable for different raw materials. For example, cone crusher is suitable for hard and super hard raw materials while impact crusher suitable for soft and medium hard raw materials.

Capacity: while choosing crusher, customers should look at that if the capacity range of the crusher meets your requirements. Each crusher has its own capacity range and customers should confirm the capacity carefully.

Input& output size: make sure the feed opening of the crusher is larger than your max size of your raw materials and the final products size adjustment range reach to the required sizes.

Manufacturer: manufacturer is also a very important factor in choose suitable crusher. Customers should choose professional manufacturers with not only high quality machines but also attentive service.

Wear parts: while choosing crusher, customers should confirm about the raw materials the manufacturers adopt to make the main wear parts. High quality wear parts will extend the service life of crusher and also reduce the investment capital.

The above mention factors are only a part, there are also some other factors, such as the machine size, the power that crusher need etc. And if you are not so familiar with these, our engineers will help you and recommend suitable crusher according to your specific requirements.

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