Future Development Direction Of Grinding Mill

Future Development Direction Of Grinding Mill

Host: The grinding mill is an indispensable equipment in power milling industry. The mill and crusher both are the backbone in mining machinery. We are concerned about the future development direction of grinding mill. Today, we are honored to invite Mr.Li. Welcome Mr.Li!

Mr.Li: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today's interview. I hope today's answer would be helpful to everyone.

Host: How do you do, Mr.Li! With the development of our society, the low carbon economy has always been mentioned. So the grinding mill's development will follow this rule, right?

Mr.Li: Yes. The low carbon is the rule of our society development. So is the grinding mill. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, grinding mill equipment will surely play a crucial role in the engineering project domain. We should conform the trend of international development of low carbon economy. The grinding mill machine industry is actively exploring the path toward the development of energy saving and environmental protection.

Host: It is to say that energy saving and environmental protection is the big direction, right?

Mr.Li: Yes. Except for the environmental protection aspect, second is the large-scale mechanical. This is the inevitable trend of the future development of machinery industry. This is not only the development trend of the future, today, the same is true. The manufactures only aim to meet the market demand. If no one shows any interest in production equipment, then how do they cater to the needs of the market? How to dominate the market?

Mr.Li: Technology update is also the development direction. In order to survive in an enterprise, the upgrading of products is very important. Time is changing, immutable and frozen will only ruin. For example, Nokia, Kodak, they had a glorious past, now they are being sold, or bankruptcy. They also are the warning for the development of our machinery industry.

Host: Listen to Mr.Li's analysis. I feel that I have a better acquaintance to the development direction of grinding mill. Thanks to Mr.Li's share. Thank you!

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