Environmental Desulfurization Lime Stone Powder2021-03-11

Under the storm of environmental protection, thermal power plant desulphurization project more and more social attention, with the development of the industry, as the top killer of atmospheric pollution, emissions of sulphur dioxide and processing is imminent, the environmental protection field of desulfurization in power plant, limestone, gypsum desulphurization technology is widely used in the world a desulfurization technology, the technology absorbing agent utilization rate is very high, calcium is low in sulfur, desulfurization efficiency is greater than 95%, is a commonly used method of effective desulfurization in thermal power plants.

Limestone is cheap and effective desulfurization agent, in the wet desulphurization device, the purity of limestone, fineness, activity, the reaction rate has an important influence for power plant desulfurization, guilin in the field of power plant, limestone preparation hong cheng has rich experience in manufacturing and research and development, the details of the desulfurization system for power plant, to develop a good package of solutions, equipped with skilled, strong consciousness of after-sales service team, all-the-way tracking system installation, commissioning and maintenance of late, help customers to design scientific and reasonable production line of wet desulfurizing.

In the wet desulfurization system, the fineness of limestone powder, the content of CaCO3 and the flexibility of reaction are all crucial factors restricting the desulfurization efficiency of limestone desulfurizer. The finer limestone particles have higher reaction rate, faster absorption of SO2 gas, and higher desulfurization efficiency and utilization rate of limestone.Under normal circumstances, 0.063mm sieve residual is less than 10%, can meet the requirements of desulfurization particle size.The finer the particle size is, the more favorable the gas-liquid reaction is, and the higher the gas absorption rate of SO2 is.Therefore, the quality of limestone is very important to improve the production of small desulfurization efficiency.

Shanghai Shibang Machinery(SBM) has rich experience in the field of lime stone powder, has scientific and precise testing instruments and equipment, raw material analysis tests can help customers, including grain size analysis, product through sieve rate of the finished goods inspection, such as real and reliable analysis data to help clients according to different size for different areas of the market development, thus more accurate positioning market development direction.

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