Silica Sand Processing Plant

Silica Sand

Silica sand is essentially the primary material used in glassmaking, blended together with fluxes, firing agents, stabilisers, colourants and other components for efficient melting and forming processes, as well as the desired product characteristics.

 What is Silica Sand


Major components:SiO2

Mohs hardness:6.0-7.0

Applications:glass, synthetic foundry moulding catalysts, disodium ultramarine

Silica Sand Process Flow

To be used for the hydrofracking technique, sand usually has to undergo further processing. Frac sand, as has been stated above, must be of uniform size and shape. To achieve this uniformity the sand is run through a processing plant. The plant will wash, dry, sort, and store the sand.

  • Wash
    The sand is washed to remove fine particles. Washing is done by spraying the sand with water as it is carried over a vibrating screen. The fine particles are washed off the sand and the coarse particles are carried along the screen by the vibration.
  • Dry
    After washing the sand is then sent to a surge pile where much of the water adhering to the sand particles infiltrates back into the ground. The drying portion of the process can operate year round thus necessitating stockpiling of washed sand adequate to last through the winter processing months.
  • Sort
    Some specialized processing plants may further treat the sand by applying a resin coating to the sand particles. This coating helps the sand to flow as a slurry, and increases the crush strength.
  • Store
    Processing plants may be located on the same site as the mine or in some cases the processing plant is located separate from a number of mines which support the processing facility. In the later scenario the sand is transported to the processing plant by dump trucks or tractor-trailer units.

Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Silica Sand Trapezium Mill
Silica Sand Ultrafine Mill
Silica Sand Vertical Mill

To get silica sand, users can adopt machines to process the materials. Usually, silica sand is got by crushing and grinding quartz. For example, if users want to produce silica sand below 325 meshes, we recommends MTW european trapezium mills. If users want to produce silica sand between 325 and 2500 meshes, there are LUM vertical roller millsand SCM ultrafine mills.

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