The Structure Advantages Of Ball Mill

The Structure Advantages Of Ball Mill

Host: Ball mill is the key equipment for grinding materials. Because of the different specifications, unloading and transmission mode, ball mill is divided into many types. But the main structure advantages are substantially same. Today, we are honored to invent the expert Mr.Yang to introduce the structure of ball mill. Welcome, Mr.Yang!

Mr.Yang: Hello, everyone! I'm glad to take part in this expert analysis. Hope it is helpful for everyone.

Host: Mr.Yang, we know the ball mill is a widely used equipment. Can you analyze its structure advantages for audiences?

Mr.Yang: Of course. Ball mill is mainly composed of five parts: feeding device, supporting device, rotary part, discharging device, and transmission device. The feeding device and discharging device are the part of the whole mill. The material and the water (wet grinding) or air (dry grinding) enter into ball mill through the feeding device. The finished products discharged from the discharging device. Ball mill's supporting device is divided into two ends main bearing type, two sets of roller wheel type, mixed support type and sliding shoe type. The supporting device bears the whole rotating part, grinding body and material load in the process of movement or rest time. Ball mill's bearing is the main part, which decides the production safety, maintenance convenient and save energy.

Host: It is also said that the bearing is the key of the supporting device. Then, how about rotary part and transmission device?

Mr.Yang: The rotating part comprises the hollow shaft, mill cylinder and a plurality of parts. It is a bobbin welded by steel plate. Unloading device comprises the center unloading, periphery unloading, intermediate unloading type etc. The unloading device and the feeding device are the corresponding part. The transmission device has the center transmission, edge transmission, no-gear transmission and other types. The device comprises main motor, speed reducer, auxiliary motor, transmission shaft etc.

Host: It's very great. Thanks Mr.Yang to give a great introduction. Listening to Mr.Yang's analysis, I have a deeper understanding about the structure advantages of ball mill. Thank you, Mr.Yang!

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