Kaolin Milling And Processing

Kaolin Milling And Processing

The main products of kaolin milling and processing equipment are: the ore grinding equipments, such as raymond mill, ball mill, aerated concrete equipment and steel ball grinding equipment; the crushing equipments, such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, counter impact crusher, impact crusher and roll crushing mill; the matched mining equipments, such as conveyor, feeding machine, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, flotation separator, ore washer and drying machinery.

Kaolin Milling And Processing FlowChat

The wet process consists of several stages, such as the dispersion, classification, impurities separation of the pug and the product processing. The general process is that: raw ore-crushing-ramming paste-degritting-hydrocyclone classifier-delaminating -centrifuge classification-magnetic separation(or bleaching)-concentration-filter pressing-drying-ceramic, paper-making and coating products.

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