Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

Blue metal quarry crusher is a hot crushing machine in the present machinery market and it can be used for crushing all kinds of beverage can, paint can and engine oil tank. The crushed materials are easy to be transported and convenient for feeding and steel making, and the times of feeding are also reduced.

The discharging granularity of the crusher is closely related to the screen grating bar. After the materials are crushed by the plate hammer and the impact plate, the smaller-sized materials will fall from the gap of plate hammer and impact plate onto the grating bar. The materials that reach the desired granularity will fall from the gap of the grating bar, and the big-sized materials will remain on the grating bar to be crushed by the plate hammer. In this blue metal quarry crusher process, if the gap between the plate hammer and the impact plate is big, then the materials will fall from this gap before reaching the granularity requirement. Big-sized materials have big impact on the grating bar, and if the grating bar is abraded, the discharging granularity will be big.

While the plate hammer is crushing the materials, it will sustain the abrasion and corrosion of various kinds of materials, and after long time of using, when the abrasion of the plate hammer is serious, the materials will be difficult to be crushed to the required granularity and the discharging granularity will also become big.

From this, we can see that the big particle size of the blue metal quarry crusher is caused by the abrasion of the grating bar, and at the same time, the plate hammer, impact plate and the feeding granularity will also cause big particle size of the discharging granularity.

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