Application Of Vertical Mill In Fly Ash Production Line2021-03-24

Fly ash vertical mill is often used in the production line of fly ash. Vertical mill fly ash has high fineness and is ideal as a concrete admixture. In the fly ash processing production line, the fly ash vertical mill is the main grinding equipment.

In addition to vertical mills, customers can also flexibly choose other auxiliary equipment, such as screening equipment, conveying equipment, and so on. The design of the production line mainly combines the actual needs of customers and the characteristics of the production environment.

In the process of processing fly ash, the output of vertical mill is about 20% higher than that of ball mill. Moreover, the vertical mill works with low noise and the overall production environment is relatively quiet.

Vertical mill technology is becoming more and more mature and gradually accepted by the cement, electric power, and chemical industries, becoming the first choice for grinding equipment in the industry. In addition to its outstanding performance in the processing of fly ash, vertical mills also perform well in the processing of limestone, granite and other ores. The wear rate of related wear parts is much lower than other grinding equipment, and the relative investment cost is also lower.

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