The Application Of Barite In Industry2021-03-22

1. Petroleum industry: 200 mesh, 325 mesh oil and gas field drilling mud additives barite powder.

2. Chemical industry: Barium salt factory uses barite as raw material to produce lithopone, precipitated barium sulfate, and barium carbonate.

3. Coatings and paint industry: it can be used as a filler for paints and coatings instead of precipitated barium sulfate, lithopone, titanium dioxide, active silica and other relatively expensive raw materials. It is suitable for controlling the viscosity of paint and making the product bright and stable.

4. Plastic industry: It can be used as a filler for plastic ABS raw materials to make the product shiny and bright, and it can also improve the product's strength, rigidity and wear resistance.

5. Rubber industry: Products below 500 mesh can be used in large quantities for rubber products as fillers, reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and alkali resistance and water resistance, etc., and have a good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

6. Paper industry: High-fineness barite powder can be used as filler and coating filler for white paper and art paper to improve whiteness and surface coverage. Product specifications: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 1500 mesh, 2000 mesh, 2500 mesh, 3000 mesh, 4000 mesh, 5000 mesh, 6000 mesh.

7. Cement industry: compound mineralizers such as barite, fluorite and gypsum.

8. Glass industry: used as oxygen scavenger, clarifying agent, fluxing agent, can increase the optical stability, gloss and strength of glass.

9. Construction industry: used as concrete aggregates, paving materials, heavy pressure on buried pipelines in swamp areas, instead of lead plates used for shielding in nuclear facilities, atomic power plants, X-ray laboratories, etc., to extend the life of road surfaces.

10. Other industries: Barite powder can also be used as high-quality fillers in ceramics and other industries.

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