Petroleum Coke Pulverization2021-03-11


Petroleum coke, crude oil after distillation to separate heavy oil, heavy oil cracking process and then transformed into products, the main elements for carbon, accounted for over 80%, look for coke on appearance, irregular shape, size is differ, with metallic luster, particles with much space structure, according to the structure and appearance, petroleum coke products can be divided into needle coke, coke, danwan reef sponge and coke breeze. 

1. Needle coke: with obvious needle-like structure and fiber texture, it is mainly used as high power and higher power graphite electrode in steel making. 

2 sponge coke: high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, mainly used in aluminum smelting industry and carbon industry. 

3. Projectile reef (spherical coke) : spherical shape, 0.6-30mm in diameter, is generally produced by high sulfur, high asphaltene residue, can only be used for power generation, cement and other industrial fuels. 

4. Powder coke: by fluidized coking process production, its fine particles (diameter 0.1-0.4mm), high volatile, high thermal expansion coefficient, can not be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry.

Application Field

At present, the petroleum coke is the main application field of electrolytic aluminium industry, accounting for more than 65% of the total amount, in addition, carbon, industrial silicon smelting and other industries and the application field of petroleum coke, as a fuel, petroleum coke is mainly used in cement, power generation, and glass industries, the proportion of less, but as for the construction of the coking unit in great quantities in recent years, the output of petroleum coke is bound to expand unceasingly.

1. The glass industry is an industry with high energy consumption, and the fuel cost accounts for about 35% ~ 50% of the glass cost. The glass melting furnace is the equipment with high energy consumption of the glass production line.Petroleum coke powder used in the glass industry, the fineness of 200 mesh D90 requirements.

2. Once the ignition of the glass furnace, it can not be flameout until the furnace overhaul (3-5 years), so it is necessary to continue to fuel, to ensure the furnace temperature in the furnace, so the general milling workshop will have a spare mill, to ensure continuous production.

Industrial Design

In view of the present situation of the application of petroleum coke, guilin cheng specifically developed for petroleum coke powder grinding system, for the original coke moisture content is 8% - 15% of the material, Shanghai Shibang Machinery(SBM) are equipped with professional drying processing system and open system, the dehydration effect is better, the finished water is lower, the better, to further improve the quality of finished product, and is to meet the glass furnace industry, glass industry petroleum coke, such as the dosage of special milling equipment.


1. The grindability coefficient parameter of petroleum coke material is the factor affecting the output of the mill. The lower the grindability coefficient, the lower the output. 

2. The initial moisture of the raw material is generally 6%. If the moisture of the raw material is greater than 6%, the dryer or the mill can be designed with hot air to reduce the moisture, so as to improve the output and the quality of the finished product.

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