Application Of Ground Calcium Carbonate2021-03-25

(1) Papermaking industry: Adding calcium carbonate to replace alternately in papermaking has good transients, low friction, structural accumulation, easy moisture removal and easy drying, etc., which greatly increases the demand for heavy calcium carbonate in papermaking. Heavy calcium carbonate products provide a huge application market. However, due to the unreasonable product structure, a certain amount of ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate products must be imported for many years. In recent years, well-known calcium carbonate powder companies such as Imerys and Omya have entered the heavy calcium carbonate market in China, showing the vigorous development of the heavy calcium carbonate industry.

(2) Plastic industry: The plastic industry is the second largest market for heavy calcium carbonate. By adding heavy calcium carbonate, costs can be greatly reduced, plastic products can be given special functions, and the stability, hardness, and hardness of plastic products can be improved. Rigidity and heat resistance, improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of the product by changing the rheological properties of the plastic. However, the proportion of my country's heavy calcium carbonate consumption in the plastics industry is far from the level of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, the proportion of ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate consumption in the plastics industry will further increase in the future, and the amount will further increase.

(3) Coating industry: Calcium carbonate has a high filling rate and can play a skeleton role as a filler in coatings. It mainly replaces TiO2 and other pigments in coatings, which greatly reduces the cost of coatings. It is the main extender pigment and can be enhanced The deposition and permeability of the primer to the surface of the base layer can improve the water resistance and mechanical strength of the coating, and improve the chemical resistance, gloss, brightness, color and other properties. With the further increase in the output of water-based coatings, the amount of ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate above 1250 mesh will be further increased.

(4) Rubber industry: Heavy calcium carbonate is one of the important fillers in the rubber industry. It can increase the volume of rubber products and sometimes has the functions of reinforcement, isolation, demoulding, and coloring to reduce costs. At present, my country's annual consumption of rubber products reaches 2.35 million tons, second only to the United States and second in the world.

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