Dolomite Grinding Production Line In Thailand

Custom Background

As a supplier of dolomite production line, we know that the discharge particle size of the dolomite milling production line of Thai customers is 100 mesh (d90%), 325 mesh (10%) and the required output is 8t / h.

Project Info

Material: Dolomite

Finished particle size: 100 mesh (d90%), 325 mesh (10%)

Output: 8t / h

Production pne location: Thailand

Equipment: MTW130 grinding mill


The mills of MTW series and MTM series are suitable for the production line of dolomite milling. At first, the customer chose the MTW110 trapezoidal mill, but then found that the output of the MTW110 could not meet 8t / h, we recommended the MTW130 trapezoidal mill to the customer, and the customer signed this order after visiting our company.


During the installation of the machine during the trial operation, an engineer of our company was sent to Thailand for assistance. The advanced technical level and good service attitude of the engineer received high praise from customers, and a letter of commendation was sent to our after-sales service department. So far, the machine has stable performance and good operation.

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