Magnetic Separators From Slag

Magnetic Separators From Slag

A schematic diagram of the apparatus used in the magnetic separators from slag is shown in Fig. 3. 0.14 g crashed slag was added in a Pyrex cell (f16.5 mm 105 mm) that was then filled with 2–7 mL of ion-exchanged water to prevent coagulation of the slag particles. This cell was fixed onto a wooden frame to immerse a Pyrex nozzle (f0.7 mm) into the liquid to blow air into it from an air pump and to stir the liquid continuously and promote dispersion of the slag particles. The flow rate of air was adjusted to 30 mL/min using a flow controller (3910E manufactured by KOFLOC).

Air blowing was started by maintaining the cells at the 1 m position from the monopolar superconducting magnet generated surface magnetic field of 0.5 to 2.5 T.11) After dispersing the magnetic separators from slag particles nearly uniformly by maintaining conditions for approximately 30 s, the cell was moved and came in contact with the magnet surface. By maintaining the cell within the specified magnetic field gradient for 20 sand then inclining the cell while keeping them in contact with the magnet surface, we collected only the solution in which unmagnetized substances were suspended. Then the cell was removed from the superconducting magnet back to their initial position to collect the magnetized slag particles. The magnetic separators from slag measured by a gauss meter was approximately 1.1 T/cm when the surface magnetic field was 2.2 T.

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