Jaw Crusher Service Life Influence Factors

Jaw Crusher Service Life Influence Factors

Description: Jaw crusher is a common equipment of mine equipment. There are many factors which influence the service life of jaw crusher. Such as, crusher equipment quality, jaw crusher working environment, operation and maintenance situation, and so on. Next, I will introduce the influence factors of jaw crusher service life. If we know the influence factors, we also find the methods to extend jaw crusher working life. Hope that it is helpful for major jaw cruser.

The first is jaw crusher's natural environment at the site. The factors of natural environment, including heat, cold, rain and snow, wind and the altitude, will cause a great influence on the normal use of jaw crusher. In the heat, cold and other conditions, we should take the necessary measures to protect the jaw crusher. According to the actual situation, we need to make the necessary adjustments about some equipment parameters.

Second is the maintenance of jaw crusher. Maintenance is the premise and basis of the crushing machinery use. In the process of long-term use, the internal machinery parts of Jaw crusher are wearing, and the gap increases. The work efficiency, mechanical reliability and working stability, have declined significantly. Even it will cause permanent damage for some assembly and parts.

Third is the technical level of the operator. With the development of science and technology, new technology, new material, and new technology have been widely applied. Crushing machinery type is more complete, and structure is more complex. These made the operators have higher requirements.

As the important mechanical equipment, jaw crusher has a promoting role for mechanical industry development. Many customers at the time of purchase, will find it expensive. This time, the customer will be trying to want to prolong its service life. The influence factors of jaw crusher service life mainly have the three aspects.

If we know the influence factors, it is also said that we know the methods to increase the service life. Compared to other crusher, jaw crusher is relatively expensive. So, how to extend its working life becomes an important issue. I hope that this article is significant for you.

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