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Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

Liner is one part of jaw crusher which looks like saw –tooth, the arrangement of its teeth is movable and fixed jaw plate amount of teeth and tooth valley relative. This design is very help for mineral stone crushing, SBM jaw crusher liner made of curved tooth plate and is close to the parallel of discharge port which can ensure high quality, evenly final particles. In order to make the jaw crusher liner and other jaw plate firmly and closely, SBM designed a plastically gasket between them, which is usually made of lead, zine metal or alloy steel. The following is jaw crusher liner replacement.

Replace the frame lining plate of jaw crusher, such as old liner board can not get down, gas cutting, and the frame surface is clean. On the back of jaw crusher liner of new casting concrete, is 500 - 600, cement and sand, scale is at the mass ratio of 1:3 mixture. Before casting, lining plate to grind, make concrete and it firmly together.

Then, after casting concrete must be trimmed, the steel lining board and stand close to the back, and must be after the concrete fully cured and dried before being put into use, otherwise affect the service life.

To complete jaw crusher liner replacement should to avoid damage in cutting cone plate process. When the cone lining plate installed, the adjustment ring cone at the lower part of the lower lining, keep the gap between 1 - 2 mm between the plate and the cone. Lining the top installed, should be first nut is installed, and then cast zinc alloy. Before casting, cone and plate pre hot 60 - 80 ℃, gap liner joints should be plugged with asbestos and clay, in order to avoid leakage of zinc alloy. Lining board finished alloy, with a compression nut and locking plate, which is tightly fixed.

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