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Gypsum Washing Unit Process

After years industrial improvement, our company has developed the latest desulfurization gypsum washing unit process featuring higher briquetting rate, lower power consumption, more compact structure and simpler maintenance than other similar products.

The gypsum washing unit process is made up of main engine, belt conveyor, reducer, squeeze roller and electric control gear and it is able to compress desulfurization gypsum powder into one-time ball products with strong hardness without any help of adhesives. These products wont be broken easily during the transportation process and they will be used as the cement retarder to replace the natural gypsum.

The workflow of the gypsum washing unit process is as follows: the main engine drives the reducer via the belt conveyor to rotate with the squeeze rollers through the gears. The squeeze rollers move toward each other at the same speed. The gypsum falls from the top onto the space between the rollers. Then the squeeze rollers revolve inwards with an increasing pressure which reaches the maximum in the center of the rollers. The gypsum is compressed to be balls which are discharged from the bottom of the machine.

The gypsum washing unit processs owns a lot of unique features including the advanced technology, high quality, multiple functions and strong bearing pressure, which make it suitable for production lines of large, medium and small sized enterprises.

Our companys desulfurization gypsum washing unit process can be applied to process all kinds of materials in the fields of gas making, boiler type, cold pressing focus, ignition coal, coal briquette, metallurgy, and refractory matter for civilian use.

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