Fly Ash Processing Plant

Fly Ash Processing Plant

Description: Fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plant. Fly ash is one large displacement of China's current industrial residue. With the development of power industry, fly ash emissions increases year by year. If a large number of fly ash does not process, there will be a lot of harm. In fact, fly ash can be used as concrete admixture. If we can turn these wastes to treasures, it will be very meaningful.

Production Situation

Main Equipment

Here, we will introduce the Fly ash processing plant. The main equipments have: hammer crusher, SCM1036 ultrafine mill, reducer, pulsed duster, bucket elevator, stock bin, vibrating feeder, fan, powder collector, noise deadener, and so on. The following will refer to the specific machine information.

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
1 Ultrafine Mill SCM1026 110 1
2 Vibrating feeder LS180*1050 2.2 2
3 Hammer Crusher PC400*600 18.5 1
4 Discharge Valve ZJD-1:40 0.75 1
5 Pulsed Duster DMC184-¢ò   1

The following is the fly ash processing plant using SCM ultrafine mill.

Firstly, fly ash enters into the hammer crusher with uniform and quantitative. Fly ash is in hammer crusher for crushing. After extrusion and crushing, fly ash enters into the elevator. Through vibrating feeder, fly ash enters into the SCM ultrafine mill. The material is grinded in the mill.

After this, the grinded power is carried by the air from the blower into the classifier for screening. Afterward, the power according with the fineness requirements, are blow into the powder collector for separation and collection along with the air. Then, they is poured through the discharge valve, and become the finished power. The power not according with the fineness requirements, fall into SCM ultrafine mill for grinding again. Then, the fly ash is processed to the ultrafine power.

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