The Difference Between Superfine Steel Slag Powder And Slag Powder2021-01-19

The difference between ultra-fine steel slag powder and slag powder is that the properties of the two products are different. Ultra-fine steel slag powder is a fine powder formed by the by-products produced in the steelmaking process after being processed by a steel slag mill. 

The slag powder is the water slag produced in the process of blast furnace iron smelting, and the powder formed after processing by the slag mill. The same point is that it needs to be pulverized by a mill to prepare a powder, and then make it a high value-added product, increasing the economic benefits of the enterprise. Shibang focuses on the research of grinding equipment for steel slag and slag coarse powder and fine powder. 

The vertical mill and ultra-fine vertical mill developed by the company can meet the various milling requirements of the enterprise.

Steel Slag Superfine Powder

Steel slag is a side effect produced in the steelmaking process. If it is not treated, it will cause harm to the environment and require manpower and material management. The finished product after being ground by the Shibang ultrafine steel slag vertical mill is widely used in building materials and cement. Roads and other fields. It can increase the added value of steel slag and bring additional economic benefits to enterprises.

Steel Slag Superfine Powder Use

In the concrete industry, it can replace the cementing material in high-strength concrete, reduce the production cost of concrete, and can also be used for saline-alkali land transformation and green concrete artificial reefs.

Steel Slag Superfine Powder Equipment

The processing of ultra-fine steel slag mill powder is inseparable from the mill equipment. Shibang ultra-fine steel slag vertical mill is the ideal equipment for the planning and production of ultra-fine powder.

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