Application Characteristics Of Bentonite In Coatings2021-05-13

Adding bentonite to the coating can make the coating have anti settling effect, effectively improve the thixotropy and rheology of the coating, enhance the anti-corrosion and water resistance of the coating, and save the cost.

(1) Bentonite Can Make Pigment Disperse Evenly

Due to its good thixotropy, bentonites can change the fluidity of the system, increase the viscosity of the system, improve the dispersion stability of pigments, and change the suspension performance of fillers in the coating industry.

(2) Bentonite Can Be Used As Anti Settling Agent Of Coatings

Bentonites also have good anti sedimentation, tackifying and anti caking effects in coatings.

(3) Bentonite Can Increase The Water Resistance Of The Coating

In the waterproof coating, bentonite makes the surface of asphalt particles form a colloidal hydration film, reduces the interfacial tension between asphalt and water, prevents the re condensation of asphalt particles, thus forms a stable dispersed phase, and plays the role of emulsifier.

Bentonite production enterprises should strengthen the research on process, equipment and quality control, communicate with coating users closely, and deeply understand the characteristics and needs of Bentonite for coating, so as to better meet the personalized needs of the market and promote the win-win development of bentonite and coating industry. As a professioinal grinding mill manufacturer, SBM can supply bentonite mill for bentonite production line, If you are interested, please contact us!

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