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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Structure Analysis

Description: Vertical shaft impact crusher is also sand making machine. Vertical shaft impact crusher is the indispensable equipment for sand making industry. It is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, bauxite, quartz sand, perlite, iron ore, emery, and glass raw materials. In the mechanism building sand, stone plastic and various metallurgical slag crushing, it is more widely used. Its structure mainly includes the host structure and rotor structure.

The host structure mainly includes the feed hopper, feed hopper lifting device, center of rotor, spindle assembly, motor drive device, bracket, and thin oil lubricating station. The rotor structure mainly includes the impact block, impeller welding, The upper (lower) runner plate, hammer, wear plate, and swing wheel protection ring.


The Feed Hopper

The structure of feed hopper is an inverted prismoid (or cylinder). The feed port is arranged on the wear ring. Materials enter into the crusher by the feed hopper.

The Spindle Assembly

Spindle assembly is installed on the base. It is used to transfer the power of the motor, supporting the impeller rotation movement. Spindle assembly is composed of a bearing seat, main shaft and bearing etc.

The Thin Oil Lubricating Station

Vertical shaft impact crusher uses special grease for centralized lubrication. Lubrication parts are the spindle assembly upper bearing and the lower bearing. In order to make convenient for oiling, oil pipe leads to the machine outside for oil pump to regularly gas.

The Impeller

The impeller is a hollow cylinder made of special materials. It is installed in the upper end of the spindle shaft head assembly. The impeller is high-speed rotation, and it is the key element of vertical impact crusher. The material enters into the center of the impeller through distributor. The material will evenly assigned to each of the transmission channel of the impeller through the cloth cone in the impeller center.

The Transmission Device

Vertical shaft impact crusher adopts belt transmission mechanism of single motor or double motor. They are installed on both sides of the spindle assembly. The belt wheel of a motor and the main shaft belt pulley is connected by a belt, making the spindle side force balance, and does not produce additional torque.

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