Vertical Roller Mill Operation

Vertical Roller Mill Operation

Host: Vertical roller mill is the widely used equipment. Vertical roller mill installs the explosion-proof valve. This is also its competitive advantage. Today, we are honored to invent Mr. Grinder to introduce the explosion-proof measures of vertical mill. Welcome, Mr. Grinder!

Mr. Grinder: Hello, everyone! I'm glad to participate in the interview. Hope it is helpful for everyone.

Host: How do you do, Mr. Grinder! We know the explosion-proof measures are very important in the production. Can you explain the vertical roller mill operation for us?

Mr. Grinder: Of course. I'm glad. Vertical roller mill has the explosion-proof valve. When the grinding mill has some hidden dangerous, the explosion-proof valve will first break, in order to protect other important parts. In the protection aspect, it is like the toggle plate of jaw crusher. It also saces itself to protect other components. We know that the toggle plate is the critical protection method, so I believe that everyone can see the importance of the explosion-proof valve.

Host: The vertical roller mill operation is very critical in the processing of grinding coal. Then, what function does it have?

Mr. Grinder: The coal materials usually contain moisture. The use of hot blast stove can reduce the oxygen content in the mill system. The oxygen content is decreasing, and the possibility of explosion is small. Mill shell can withstand 345KPa explosive force, and the mill is arranged explosion-proof valve at the top to prevent the explosion damage to the mill. In addition, it can adopt the coal mill special dust collector with explosion-proof and anti-static. It can also take some technical measures. For example, add some of the raw meal or bentonite before grinding. For the volatile coal, user can select some explosion-proof and fire-proof plan: using CO (2000ppm), oxygen gas analyzer, inert gas fire extinguishing device.

Host: Very great. From today interview, I believe that we have a certain degree of understanding about the vertical roller mill operation. We also know it is very useful in the production. Thanks Mr. Grinder for your wonderful interview. I believe today's interview will be helpful. Thank you, Mr. Grinder!

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