Slag Mill Processing Plant

Slag Mill Processing Plant

The process is highly flexible; and the compact slag mill processing plant can be applied to any furnace configuration. Modern condensation concepts and closed loop water circuits ensure best available environmental control.

Slag Mill Processing Plant

The vast majority of slag is subjected to further processing to become slag mill processing plant but small quantities have been used in road construction and also in the precast industry.

Important Benefits:

In China, there are about 30 steel slag cement plants with a combined annual output of 4.8 Mt. However, steel slag quality varies and it is difficult to process, which limits its use. If the total worldwide BOF and EAF steel slag resource of 100 Mt to 200 Mt per year was used this way, the CO2 reduction potential would be 50 Mt to 100 Mt per year (IEA, 2008). The use of slag mill processing plant as a cementing component should be given a priorityfor technical, economic, and environmental reasons.

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