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silver mining process equipment

Russia's silver reserves are abundant and it is account for the top of the world. Since ancient times has the use of silver,from beginning to end silver is a kind of beautiful metal,people use it as currency, jewelry, tableware and so on. In modern times, silver is used to make physical instrument components with high sensitivity and all kinds of automation equipment, rockets, submarine nuclear device, computer, communications systems, all of these devices in a large number of contact points are made of silver. With the development of national economy, the Russian government has constantly introduced laws, to standardize and develop exploration and utilization of silver ore.

silver mining process equipment

  • Silver mainly argentite, followed by the Angle of silver, there is also natural silver. Usually manager said three steps: crushing, grinding, beneficiation.
    • Broken: jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, etc., the blasting of the proceeds of the native silver ores in different levels of crushing.
    • Flour: choose the appropriate grinding powder according to the hardness of the material and processing fineness requirements,thensend the material into the mill.
    • Dressing: it is to use a variety of mineral processing equipment, through physical or chemical methods extracting silver from ore powder.There are two main methods:
      1. Together with hot salt water, then combine with mercury for silver amalgam,by means of steaming out mercury to obtain silver.
      2. Obtain silver by add some lead or zinc after alkaline cyanide leaching to precipitate the silver.

    silver mining process equipment production line

    Shanghai SBM's silver ore production line has various crushing equipment which reasonable matching and its cross space layout is very rigorous.These features give it many advantage of small cover,high investment benefit,good quality of the ballast,less powder.At the same time,it equipped with advanced electronic control operating system,which ensure the entire process discharging unobstructed, reliable operation, compact structure, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

    Therefore, it is the ideal silver mining process equipment. In addition, there are different types of silver mining equipment to choose.The customer can choose the mining manchinery according to their own material crushing demand and customization, Shanghai SBM wholeheartedly provide you with excellent pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

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