Raymond Mill Future Development

Raymond Mill Future Development

Host: Raymond machine is commonly used as grinding equipment, and it has a long history. Nowadays, we can also see its shadow in many industries. Today, we are honored to invent Mr.Yang to introduce the future development of Raymond mill. Welcome, Mr.Yang!

Mr.Yang: Hello, everyone! I'm glad to participate in the interview. Hope it is helpful for everyone.

Host: How do you do, Mr.Yang! You should be the expert in the Raymond mill. Many users and investors are interested in the Raymond mill's future development. Can you relate it for us in detail?

Mr.Yang: Of course. I'm glad. In general, Raymond mill in the future will develop to 3 directions: more energy saving and environmental protection; automatic system is more perfect; the grinding accuracy will greatly improve. With the proposed of a conservation oriented and environment-friendly economy construction, domestic companies are looking for the direction. Raymond mill industry has also broad development prospects. In order to meet the requirements of different application areas, the development of "energy saving, high reliability, precision, automation" is an inevitable trend.

Host: In the future development road, what is the biggest problem for Raymond mill? How to solve it?

Mr.Yang: OK. For Raymond mill's future development, to improve the grinding precision needs to strengthen the precision of analysis machine. This problem has been the technology difficulty, and it is also one of the main bottlenecks for the Raymond mill development. Therefore, the future grinding precision of Raymond mill is the focus of the R &D by the relevant enterprises and research and development personnel. This is also the key to the future development of Raymond mill in grinding industry. Thank you!

Host: Great. It is also said that the technology development will solve the problems. Technological rapid development will open a new road for Raymond mill. Thanks Mr.Yang to give us a wonderful interview. Listening to the interview about the future development of Raymond mill, I believe that we have a deep understand on the Raymond mill. Thank you Mr.Yang! Looking forward your next coming!

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