Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolana Cement Production Line

The pozzolana cement raw material after preliminary screening, to a certain size, then the line of ingredients.Sent with good materials in the vertical mill for pozzolana cement production line, when the granularity of the material requirements, chosen by the classifier to raw materials stored in the library, and after the dosage of mixed material with good clinker together into the ball mill for ball mill, after classifier to select the qualified products sent to cement in storage.

Pozzolana contains a large number of small pore of the blended material, so the good water retention.Because of its more hydrated calcium silicate gel is formed after hydration of the compact structure of cement stone, so the good permeability.pozzolana cement production line dry shrinkage, small cracks caused by cement, and carbon dioxide in the air can make the hydrated calcium silicate gel into a mixture of calcium carbonate and silica, make cement surface phenomenon of produce powder.So the poor abrasion resistance.Ash is suitable for the permeability requirement of pozzolana cement production line, should not be used in the dry environment in the concrete engineering, unfavorable also used in wear resistance requirements of concrete engineering

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