Methods To Improve Grinding Mill Productivity

Methods To Improve Grinding Mill Productivity

Host: The productivity is every user in the pursuit of things. How to improve the production efficiency? This is also a concern for many users. Today, we are honored to invent Mr.Wang to introduce the methods to improve grinding mill productivity. Welcome, Mr.Wang!

Mr.Wang: Hello, everyone! I'm glad to participate in the interview. Hope it is helpful for everyone.

Host: Mr.Wang, you are an experienced expert. What are the methods to improve the productivity?

Mr.Wang: First, choice the grinding mill is important. The common grinding mill includes SCM grinding mill, T130X grinding mill and LUM grinding mill. In the selection of equipment, the users must understand their own processing of materials, to select the appropriate equipment according to the situation. This is the premise to ensure production efficiency. Second is the correct production line configuration. Crushing and transmission equipment is the key. They need to be matched with the ore mill.

Host: Oh. If there is insufficient feeding or feeding too fast, the production efficiency must not be very high. Anything else?

Mr.Wang: Third is the correct maintenance of grinding mill, especially for the maintenance of bearings. The user should always check the temperature of the bearing. If the temperature is too high, check whether the lubrication and the transmission part are normal, whether the tight rolling distance etc. Find the cause, and take corresponding measures. In serious cases, it should be down to check. Forth, the tightness degree of the transmission belt can also affect the operation of the equipment. Loose belts will reduce the transmission efficiency and the affect the grinding effect; too tight is easy to cause the heating in the bearings, increasing power consumption, reducing the service life of the transmission belt. The last one is that don't forget to check the pneumatic components. If find the phenomenon of too tight, too loose, beating, deviation, wear serious, it should be timely adjust, repair or replace.

Host: That's great. Thanks Mr.Wang to give us a meaningful interview. The methods to improve grinding mill productivity are great. Hope it will help you. Thank you Mr.Wang!

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