Nigerian Marble Mining Company

Nigerian Marble Mining Company

Marble mining seems to be an area of immediate development concern, given the implications that continued power shortages have for the Nigeria economy and especially considering that after partial exploration, Nigeria has proven deposits of over 1.5 billion tons. Though marble mining is open to mining companies, the government is not dependent on them.

The focus on developing marble mines will also speed up development of the power infrastructure, since plants will be built at the pit-head to avoid haulage costs and the national grid will also get built up to transmit power across the country.

Given the energy aspect, the opportunity for large marble mining projects for power generation and excellent marble properties in Nigeria, marble should be a key target. marble mining will remain critical because of the peak load deficit factor. But the focus on industrial commodities is critical for the development of the metals and mining sector.

The focus on industrial commodities will broaden the universe of mining companies interested in investment in Nigeria. The government has to look over the long term and focus on what is important for its overall development. That said, the opportunity is clearly waiting for those mining companies willing to invest Nigeria.

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