Toggle Plate Jaw Crusher

Toggle Plate Jaw Crusher

Description: Jaw crusher is one of the earliest crushing equipment. Because of its simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and repair, production costs less, so until now, it is still widely used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, coal and other departments. The toggle plate is the wear part of jaw crusher. It is an important part for jaw crusher's protection. Today, I will introduce the importance of jaw crusher's toggle plate, and its fracture reason.

The Function of Toggle Plate Jaw Crusher

The toggle plate is simple, but it has very important function. It usually has two big functions: one is to transfer power, to support the lower end of movable jaw plate to swing. Two is the insurance function. When the crushing chamber has the difficult crushing material, toggle plate first fracture, and protect that the machine valuable parts (such as moving jaw and body etc.) are not destroyed.

At design time, its function is to protect other important components, so at the expense of the toggle plate. Many customers will complain that toggle plate often damage, and replacing has more trouble. However, if the toggle plate does not break, so some important parts will be damaged. This also will lose.

Other Function Device

For a variety of jaw crusher diversity, there are many ways of protection. More common are hydraulic protection, insurance marketing type. The toggle plate protection is recognized not the best protection method. After the toggle plate fracture, customers also need to replace the toggle plate, which has also brought burden for production. The toggle plate mostly is made up of cast steel. This is also its one big disadvantage. Because of the unknown properties of cast steel material, the perception ability of jaw crusher is not sensitive, and protection effect will be greatly reduced.


If you think the toggle plate protection device is not very ideal, our company also provides jaw crusher with hydraulic protection device. But you mustn't think that toggle plate fracture will affect production efficiency. You also do not replace the toggle plate material with more durable. In that case, if the machine has hard crushing material, the important part of the machine will be damaged.

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