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Jaw Crusher Spare Parts

Description: Jaw crusher becomes the flagship product in crusher industries. It is mainly used for the coarse crushing and medium crushing. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable work, convenient use and maintenance. So it is favored by customers. Jaw crusher spare parts mainly have transmission device, frame, movable jaw, fixed jaw, movable and fixed plate, eccentric shaft, flywheel, lining plate, and so on. Many parts of jaw crusher is mutual cooperation, and jointly complete the crushing process.

Transmission Device

In general, the motor is the original motivation. Through the triangle belt and groove wheel, it drives the eccentric shaft to rotate. The electric motor and the frame are installed separately. Flywheel is the big belt pulley.


The frame is mainly used to support the eccentric shaft, jaw plate and under the crushing force. It is commonly integral cast using cast steel, or piece of assembly, or usable also thick steel plate welded. In order to increase the rigidity, its surface is with longitudinal and transverse stiffeners.

Movable jaw

Jaw crusher's work surface is provided with a jaw plate (broken board). The upper part of the support is composed of an eccentric shaft, and the lower part of the support is the thrust plate. The movable jaw's working surface is inlaid with a crushing plate with teeth. In order to reduce the weight of moving jaw, it is designed the boxes form.

Jaw Plate

Jaw plate is spare parts of jaw crusher. During the run time, movable jaw is attached the movable jaw plate to do reciprocating movement. It forms an angle with the fixed jaw plate to extrude stone. Therefore, jaw plate is the easily damaged parts.

The Eccentric Shaft

The eccentric shaft is the main parts to drive the movable jaw up and down rotating movement. It is not in the center of the axis of the center. It supports moving jaw and flywheel, bearing bending and torsion. It is the most precious part of the machine.


The motor drives the grooved wheel motion through a belt pulley and a belt. Groove wheel drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, thereby drives the movable jaw movement, to achieve material crushing. The flywheel has two effects: one is the balance wheel weight, and another is the storage of energy.

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