Impact Crusher Spare Parts

Impact Crusher Spare Parts

Host: Impact crusher is very widely used crusher. As well, the wear of impact crusher is serious. Today, we are honored to invite Mr.Li to give us a detailed explanation of the impact crusher spare parts. Welcome Mr.Li!

Mr.Li: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today's interview. I hope today's answer would be helpful to everyone.

Host: Mr.Li, we know that the parts in touch with materials are easy to be worn. So what parts are the most be worn?

Mr.Li: The spare parts of Impact crusher mainly have impact plate, hammer, rotor, side lining plate and so on. These are the main parts to crushing materials. So their wear is the most serious.

Host: Oh. We know that when they are worn, it needs to adjust or replace in time. So can you tell us their function?

Mr.Li: Of course. We firstly say the impact plate. Impact plate is a component which directly impacts with materials. From the impact crusher working principle, it can be seen that impact plate is subjected to the impact of plate hammer hitting the material, and the material is broken by the impact. The impact of the crushed material re-bounces to impact zone, again the impact crushing to obtain the desired product size. So impact plate's wearing is more serious, and need to change frequently.

Host: It seems that impact plate is the main part to crushing materials. So is the hammer?

Mr.Li: Impact crusher's hammer shape and the fastening are closely related to work load. Design of plate hammer should meet the reliable work, easy loading and improve the plate hammer metal utilization requirements. Plate hammer generally use the high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear resistant alloy steel. Plate hammer impacts stone, so wear natural is the most serious. If the material hardness modest, plate hammer can also insist on a period of time, if the stone is very hard, I'm afraid that it needs to replace once for a week.

Host: Oh. Form Mr.Li's discourse, we know the impact crusher spare parts deeply. I hope today's discourse is helpful for your. Thanks to Mr.Li. Thank you!

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