Attention Problems Of impact crusher for sale

Attention Problems Of impact crusher for sale

Description: Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crushing equipment. It has the characteristics of small volume, simple structure, big crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large production capacity, product size uniformity, and selective crushing effect. Impact crusher for sale is hot. In order to ensure the normal work and the safety of operation, the operating personnel must operate in strict accordance with the rules of operation, and make the crusher equipment maintenance work.

One, before driving, check strictly the crusher. Check whether the fastening bolts are loose, and whether wear parts are excessive wear. Discover a problem, solve in time. In normal operation, crusher also need to timely check sound, temperature, vibration, etc.

Two, when driving, the operating personnel shall be in accordance with the impact crusher system equipment order to start the impact crusher. When parking, it should also be in accordance with the provisions of the parking order to park.

Three, in the normal operation, it should always check the lubrication system. Add the lubricating grease and change the new oil regularly. Rotor bearing temperature, normally should not exceed 60℃. If the temperature is too high, it should immediately stop check, and take effective measures to deal with.

Four, the feed needs to be uniform, and prevents large materials and the non-crushing matter into the machine. If found abnormal phenomenon (abnormal vibration and noise), it should stop to check.

Five, hammer should be timely replaced. The new hammer needs to be weighted, to make sure the rotor has a better static balance.

Six, the protective plate, impact plate and bolt should be promptly replaced. In order to prevent the lining board and the impact plate falling off to cause a serious accident.

Seven, impact crusher for sale will produce dust in operation, so the crusher shall be strictly sealed and do the good ventilation and cleaner work.

Eight, the gap size between impact plate and hammer, has great influence on the particle size of the product. It should be in the specified range.

Nine, when impact crusher with double rotor start, two rotors must be respectively start.

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