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Crusher For Rock Salt

The holes are charged with explosives and detonated, yielding about 1,200 tonnes of broken rock salt. Crusher for rock salt is needed in mining industry. The rock salt crushing processing including: Cut and Mining.

cut and blast mining

In "cut and blast mining" a slot is cut at the base of the rock face using a crusher for rock salt, with a jib carrying a series of tungsten-carbide picks. This is the "cut" part of the process.

Continuous Mining

It has a rotating head, carrying tungsten-carbide tips, which bores into the salt. The lumps are then taken directly to a crusher for rock salt, without the need to be crushed by a feeder-breaker first.

Before storage, the rock salt is treated with an anti-caking agent to stop the pieces coagulating. This ensures that it can be held in local storage depots, ready for use on the roads as soon as frost is forecast.

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