Cone Crusher Installation Manual

Cone Crusher Installation Manual

Description: Compared with other crushers, cone crusher's price is relatively expensive. As the saying goes, a good beginning is a half of success. For the application of cone crusher, the installation is the beginning. The correct, accurate equipment installation is the basis of efficient production. Lay a good foundation, and equipment can use for a long time. Cone crusher's installation is simple, as long as you master the installation method and attention points. Correct installation will help you have a high returns cone crusher.

  1. Before installation, the working staff must count the number of parts. Check and clear the injury of the various parts' surface and the thread in the handling process. Remove dust and dirt in the handling.
  2. When installed, coat the dry oil in a fixed contact surface, and coated the thin oil in the activity surface.
  3. Cone crusher must be installed on the solid reinforced concrete foundation. About the depth of the base, user can be decided according to local geological conditions. Beneath the foundation must have enough space, to install the transportation equipment.
  4. The frame mounting should keep the rigid vertical and horizontal. It can guarantee the machine work reliably. Otherwise, it will cause the copper sleeve single contact, and cause grinding eccentric sleeve and sealing device are not working properly.
  5. Before eccentric hollow shaft installation, the gasket is arranged on the bottom cover. After the eccentric shaft installed, the outer end surface of the gear must be aligned and check the gear meshing clearance.
  6. Bowl type bearing frame should cooperate closely with the base, and check the level closely situation of contact surface with the feeler. A bowl shaped bearing installation should pay attention to the protection of the water inlet pipe, the drainage pipe, the oil retaining ring and the dustproof ring, to avoid damaging.
  7. Cone crusher's installation should gently into the eccentric hollow shaft, with the spherical surface contacts with bowl bearing bowl firmly, to avoid damage the spherical ring.
  8. Before the crusher installation, it should be completed the installation of lubricating device, in order to ensure easily repair for lubrication device.
  9. It should first start the oil pump. Until all lubricating points obtain the lubricating oil, it can start cone crusher.
  10. After installation, do load test. Check to see if the installation conforms to the requirements. If found wrong place, it should immediately repair.

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