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Cement Raw Material Milling

Cement raw material milling has the objective of producing a homogenous raw meal from a number of components that are sometimes variable in themselves. The feed moisture contents are generally between 3 and 8%, but sometimes also over 20% by weight.

  • The increasing throughput rates of vertical roller mills kept pace with the rise in kiln line capacities.
  • At cement raw material milling plant, 16000 tpd of raw material is ground by two mills for a clinker output of 10 000 tpd. Cement mill runs at its warranted capacity of 420 tph. However, at a different plant in India the same size of mill achieves a grinding capacity of 745 tph.
  • Large ball mill with several independent grinding rollers allow Cement raw material milling operation to be maintained even if one roller or one pair of opposite rollers fails , so that at least partial-load operation of the kiln line is possible.

The fine material passes to the separator for finished product ­collection. Oversize material is also returned from there to the roller press.

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