Cement Plant Project Cost

Cement Plant Project Cost

In recent years, a number of developments have dealt with the improvement and optimization of cement plant project. Such efforts are prompted by the fact that ball mills are still widely used and by the increasing cement plant project costs. One significant field is improvement of the grinding ball grading, which can reduce the energy requirement by around 10%. Specific ma­terial transfer diaphragms and discharge diaphragms with ma­terial flow regulation bring a significant additional improvement. Modern noise sensors on the rotating mill shell can accurately measure the filling levels of the first and second grinding compartments independently of each other.

Vendors of cement plant are now facing increasingly stiff competition in the cement industry. This is due firstly to the large number of technically mature plant solutions and secondly to the new competitors entering the market, especially from China. The cement plant manufacturers are trying to maintain their technological competitive advantage by introducing various innovations.

These include improved drive concepts, modular configuration of the grinding units, better wear protection, simpler maintenance and high-quality service. Chinese vendors are keen to obtain further reference installations outside China. Manufacturers find it difficult to establish totally new mill concepts on the market, even if they offer significant benefits. All in all, it may be presumed that single-stage grinding processes with vertical mills or roller presses will continue to expand their market shares at the cement plant project cost.

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