Calcined Dolomite Production Line

Calcined Dolomite Production Line

When taking calcined dolomite production line, dolomite is calcined with rotary kiln,which could realizes big production capacity,high mechanization,good-activity calcined dolomite,low loss on ignition,and high extraction percentage and utilization rate for Magnesium,In the kiln,following the rotation of the kiln,adequate rolling of the material strengthens the Radiation and heat transfer.The advantage of evenly heating of materials,fully calcination,easy control of calcination temperature make rotary kiln the most suitable equipment for calcining dolomite.

step1: Calcined--The calcined dolomite granular
a.Calcined dolomite production line: As a result of mining dolomite is too large in volume,So crushing and calcining bulk dolomite, make its become particles.
b.Main Product:Jaw Crusher,Conveyor,Vibrating screen,Vertical preheater,Rotary kiln,Vertical cooler,etc.

step2:Grinding and balling--Raw material production and storage
a.Process introduction: Calcined dolomite, using a ball mill and other equipment to the grinding ball material, storage after production well.
b.The main equipment:Electronic batching scale,Bucket elevator, Ball mill, Screw conveyer etc.

step3:Reduction treatment -Reduction treatment raw materials
a.Calcined dolomite production line introduction: Refine the raw materials, product the qualified products and sales.
b.List of equipment and processes:Reduction furnace,Wind machine Vacuum pump,Jet pump,etc.

step4:Refine--produce a product
a.Calcined dolomite Process introduction:Use of a series of equipment, refine the raw material, create quality products and sales them.
b.The main equipments:Refining furnace,Electronic moisture device,Pouring pump,Continuous casting machine,etc.

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