Bentonite Processing Plant


Bentonite is naturally occurring industrial rock, characterized by the property of absorbing water and by capacity for base exchange. It's a very colloidal and plastic clay using the special characteristic of swelling to numerous occasions its original volume when placed in water.


Types:Sodium bentonite, Calcium bentonite, Potassium bentonite

Mohs hardness:1-2

Bentonite Process Flow

  • Crushing Stage
    This process step prepares the ore for further size reduction or for feeding directly towards the classification and concentration separation stages.
  • Grinding Stage
    Milling is utilized to produce various bentonite which either have finish utilizes themselves or are raw materials or additives utilized in the manufacture of other goods.
  • Powder Collecting Stage
    In mineral processing, classification is mostly carried out wet, with water being utilised as the fluid medium. Dry classification, using air as the medium, is employed in various applications. Classification is ordinarily performed on minerals deemed as well fine to become separated properly by screening.
Bentonite Process Flow

Calcium Bentonite Procesing Equipment

Jaw Crusher: Principal crushing, high reliability and durability, top continuous crushing efficiency, outstanding total crushing economy;

Impact Crusher: Secondary crushing, high reduction ratio, terrific cubical shape, much less responsive to sticky material, versatile for quarrying and gravel pit industries, cement, concrete and asphalt recycling, and slag recycling;

Ball Mill: It is extensively utilized in cement industry. You can find two forms: wet ball mill and dry ball mill. Ball mill has a straightforward structure, low expense, high capacity and convenient maintenance. The finished size isn't even;

Vertical Mill: It is also called vertical roller mill, and can also be widely used in cement sector. Vertical mill is large in look with high capacity. For clinker grinding, we generally use this vertical cement mill. The completed size can be up to 0.045mm.

Bentonite Production Site

Bentonite Production Line

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