Bauxite Automatically Processing Plant

Bauxite Automatically Processing Plant

On the bauxite automatically processing plant, the raw bauxite ore is going to be fed into primary crusher for primary crushing. After the crushing process, the the bauxite is screened and washed to remove fine particles. It is then positioned on stockpiles, which are loaded onto ships. Then a bauxite ore is going to be refined into alumina at the smeltery. On the smeltery, bauxite ore will probably be ground into fine powder (under 0.1mm or even smaller) by grinding mill for example rod mill, ball mill ,Raymond mill, questionable mill etc.

The concentrates from the flotation cells are sent to the smelter for processing to bauxite automatically processing plant. The bauxite plate is then dissolved in sulfuric acid and sent to the electrowinning cells for plating onto cathodes, along with the concentrated bauxite from the circuits. The bauxite leach solution typically consists of 40 gm of bauxite and 200 gm sulfuric acid per liter. Current densities on the electrowinning cells can be 300 amperes per square foot, or more.

The process concentrates and purifies the bauxite leach solution so the bauxite can be recovered at a high electrical current efficiency by the electrowinning cells. It does this by adding a chemical reagent to the tanks which selectively binds with and extracts the bauxite, is easily separated from the bauxite, recovering as much of the reagent as possible for re-use. The concentrated bauxite solution is dissolved in sulfuric acid and sent to the electrolytic cells for recovery as bauxite automatically processing plant. From the bauxite cathodes, it is manufactured into wire, appliances, etc. that are used in every day life.

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