Basalt Processing Equipment


Basalt is the main raw material of sand for gravel plant and aggregate plant, With advantages of good corrosion resistance, compression resistance and oxidation resistance, basalt is widely used in roads, railways, construction, building materials, chemicals, light industry and other industrial fields.

Major components:SiO2

Mohs hardness:5-7


Basalt Crushing Process

Generally, the crushing process of basalt is divided into three stages: primary crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing (sand making).

The first stage: primary crushing

The raw material passes through the silo, is uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder, and is transported to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. The material after the primary crushing and the fine material sieved by the vibrating feeder are transported together by the belt conveyor to the intermediate material.

The second stage: medium crushing

The belt conveyor transports the material to the cone crusher for fine crushing, after crushing, it is sieved by a circular vibrating screen. The larger granular material is returned to the cone crusher broken again; the medium-sized material is sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and shaping; the granular grade qualified material is washed by the sand washing machine as the final product.

The third stage: fine crushing

After the medium-grained material is sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing, it is sieved by a circular vibrating screen. The larger-sized material is returned to the sand making machine and crushed again. The qualified product is sent to the storage pile by the belt conveyor, and the fine material is sent to the sand washing machine.

Marble Processing Production Line

Basalt Ore Processing Plant

For the processing of basalt, we recommend the jaw crusher and impact crusher. The impact crusher on the stone is significant. To produce stone that meets the standards of the expressway, it is necessary to join the impact crusher. The jaw crusher is the most primary crushing equipment, combined with the secondary crushing and shaping of the impact crusher, and finally reaches the standard coarse aggregate of stone.

Cost Analysis

Production costs are mainly concentrated in three aspects of power consumption, mechanical wear and personnel. Power consumption and wear are the main costs of the basalt crushing production line. To reduce the costs, a reasonable segmentation process and equipment selection must be adopted.

In the process of producing crushing equipment, the selected technologies, raw materials and processes are different, and the performance and quality of the produced equipment are also different. The production cost determines the basalt processing equipment's price.

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