Basalt Fiber Manufacturing Process

Basalt Fiber Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for the basalt fiber is based on four basic steps:

The basalt fiber manufacturing process from basalt is based on selecting the richest chemical proprieties basalt rocks with the use of quality tests, crushing the rocks and melting to high temperatures. The melted basalt falls from a specific calculated hole where its temperature gradually decreased and form a yarn which thickness reduces over the cooling process where it gets rolled in a roving.

The Continuous Basalt Fiber is short for CBF, which is make use of the natural volcanic rock as the raw material and put them in the furnace under 1450P0P-1500P0P after being crushed into power and then which are produced by the platinum rhodium drawing filament laminate. Compared to the carbon fiber, Aramid fiber & (UHMWPE), which has many unique advantages. Such as the physical property, the high temperature resistance, continuous work from -269P0P to 700PP,good acid & alkali-resistance, the good UV resistance, the low hygroscopic property, the environmental resistance And sound insulation, high temperature filter-ability, radiation resistance and the excellent wave-adsorption and wave-penetration and so on. Many sorts of composites which are use of the basalt fiber as the reinforced material can be used many fields such as fire, environmental protection, aerospace, armament, automotive & vessels' manufacture, infrastructural material and so on.

Crushed basalt rock is the only raw material required for basalt fiber manufacturing process. It is a continuous fiber produced through igneous basalt rock melt drawing at about 2,700° F (1,500° C).Though the temperature required to produce fibers from basalt is higher than glass, it is reported by some researchers that production of fibers made from basalt requires less energy by due to the uniformity of its heating.

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