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Barite Ore Processing Plant

The crude-ore, extracted from the underground mine some 13 kilometers away, is crushed, classified and washed at the barite ore processing plant. Barite ore processing plant have proven, in many applications, to significantly increase the Fe value of iron ore and thereby increase efficiencies in barite production.

Barite Ore Processing Flowchat

After several crushing processes, we could get fine raw materials at micron level. After burned for 2.5 hours in the roaster, the raw materials will become clinkers. Then, we clean the alkaline materials off the clinkers in the water, add diluted acid into the chamber and pulp the mixture. Then, adding sulfuric acid and aluminum powder (acid solvent and bleach) into the reactor, stiring the mixture for 2.5 hours at boiling temperature. After the process, we get bleaching materials. After cleaning off the soluble mineral salts, we get the finished products through the filter pressing and drying(170℃) processes.

The Barite ore processing plant will continue its efforts to implement the new operating model successfully, ensuring that the plant starts up smoothly after each maintenance module day. We will also continue to focus on decreasing our maintenance debt and breathing new life into the plant for many more years to come.

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