Attentions Of Sand Maker Parts Selection

Attentions Of Sand Maker Parts Selection

Host: The damage of sand making machine components is inevitable in the production process. In order to solve the problems occurred in the sand making machine production, maintenance of its parts and wearing parts problems, and replacement, purchase of sand making machine parts become an important problem. So, how to choose the sand making machine's parts? Today, we are lucky to invite the experts in sand making machine aspects -- Mr. Crusher. Let's welcome!

Mr. Crusher: Thank you! I am honored to participate in today's interview. I hope today's answer will be helpful to everyone.

Host: Mr. Crusher, good morning! We all know that the parts damage is very normal. So, what do we need to note in the selection of machine parts?

Mr. Crusher: First, we had better to pay attention to the "original accessories". In the replacement of wearing parts, if conditions allow, the user can ask manufacturers with a set of wearing parts. The original factory parts, regardless of the material, size or quality, all have the best match with sand making machine. And the original factory parts mostly have a perfect after-sales service system. Consumers can purchase from the special dealer designated by host manufacturers.

Host: As long as the original accessories, it is not any problems, isn't it?

Mr. Crusher: This is not entirely correct. In the purchase process, many users may be misled, and think sand making machine parts have not any difference. In fact, at the time of purchase, the user should pay attention to carefully observe whether the parts surface is mildew, whether it has the rust phenomenon, whether it is the right size, whether there is loose, deformation, welding off phenomenon. The user should open the package and carefully check.

Host: Year. Original accessories are so important. We must firmly remember. So besides?

Mr. Crusher: Second is to contrast the price. Now, the fake and shoddy products process is simple, and the production cost is low. They tend to use the lower prices to attract customers. Pay attention to the parts quality. Do not buy the substandard parts.

Host: So, how do we know that its price is not reasonable?

Mr. Crusher: The customer should first understand some sand making machine parts market prices. If the difference between prices and your impression price is too large, you can not immediately immersed in a cheap joy. At this time, you should be more vigilant.

Host: OK. Mr. Crusher tells us the attention of sand maker parts selection. I hope today's interview is helpful for your. Thanks to Mr. Crusher. Thank you!

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