Which Type of Mill is Suitable for Processing Slag2022-06-15

With the development of the grinding mill, the occurrence of new materials and advanced techniques, more and more slag mills are manufactured in the market, and the differences in their prices are widening.

Slag Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is often used as core equipment in slag processing production line. During the working process, slag raymond mill runs stably with lower faulty rate and longer service life. It also has the advantages of small investment, wide applications, and high working efficiency.

How To Choose Suitable Slag Mill

1. Wear-resistance

The mill production line needs to consider the operating cost of the equipment. Choosing a suitable mill can reduce the wear of wear parts and reduce costs.

2. Dust

The grinding of ore cannot avoid the generation of dust. The diffusion of dust will not only pollute the environment, but may cause downtime if it is slightly inadvertent. Therefore, when the mill is selected, its sealing system and dust control methods should be perfect.

3. Noise

Under the background of environmental protection, reducing noise interference is also one of the channels for environmental protection. Therefore, when choosing a mill, noise issues should also be taken into account.

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