What Is Dolomite Used For In Everyday Life2021-10-22

Metallurgical Refractory Industry

Used as a magnesia slagging agent in steelmaking, it combines molten silicon, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus and other unwanted or harmful associated elements into slag that is easy to separate from molten steel; extracts magnesium metal; steelmaking refractories, etc.

Chemical Industry

Production of magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide, light magnesium carbonate (precipitated magnesium carbonate), magnesia, rubber and plastic fillers, etc. The building materials industry produces magnesium oxide sulfate cement, high-performance magnesium oxychloride cement, burnt lime silicate bricks, treatment of cracks in gypsum products and wood products, etc.


Acidic soil amendments or neutralizers, epidemic prevention, insecticides, etc.

Glass Industry

In addition to silica sand and soda ash, limestone and dolomite are the third largest components in glass raw materials. It acts as a flux and can reduce glass aging, improve the plasticity of colored glass, and increase the strength of glass.

Ceramic Industry

Dolomite is used in ceramic blanks and glazes, and MgO and CaCO3 are introduced to replace talc and calcite.

Environmental Protection

Dolomite filter materials for water treatment, etc. It is suitable for the neutralization of drinking water, industrial water, swimming pool water, etc., as well as the removal of iron, manganese, and silicate.

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