What Are The Uses Of Volcanic Stone Powder2021-05-25

1. What Is Volcanic Rock? What Are The Uses Of Volcanic Stone Powder?

Volcanic stone (commonly known as pumice or porous basalt) is a kind of functional environmentally friendly material. Volcanic rock is a very precious porous stone formed by volcanic glass volcanic stone powder minerals and bubbles after volcanic eruption. The volcanic stone contains sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, Dozens of minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, nickel, cobalt, and molybdenum, have no radiation and have far-infrared magnetic waves. After the ruthless volcanic eruption, after tens of thousands of years, humans have discovered more and more Its preciousness. The application areas are expanded to the fields of construction, water conservancy, grinding, filter materials, barbecue charcoal, garden landscaping, soilless culture, ornamental products, etc., playing an irreplaceable role in all walks of life.

2. Volcanic Stone Mill: Raymond Mill

The 200 mesh economical and practical volcanic stone powder mill is equipped with a Raymond mill. After research and development, Hongcheng has developed a Raymond mill that can reach 400 mesh. This machine is an MTW series pendulum mill. He is the well-known MTW vertical pendulum mill. The MTW vertical pendulum mill for 200 mesh mullite powder by the volcanic stone powder manufacturer is a new generation of large-scale high-efficiency powder mill independently developed by SBM. It learns from the working principle of the pendulum mill and improves the swing mode of the pendulum mill. Without changing other parameters, the centrifugal grinding pressure is increased by nearly 35%, and the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is improved. The output is 2.5 to 4 times higher than the traditional 5R Raymond mill. The crushing efficiency is greatly improved, and the unit energy consumption is reduced. The forced turbine classifier is adopted, and the product fineness range can reach 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh). between. At the same time, the transmission device and the sealing structure of the grinding roller assembly are improved, and the operation reliability of the equipment is higher.

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