Vertical Mill Used In Cement Industry2021-08-11

The R & D and production technology requirements of vertical mill are very high. Relevant research institutions in China put forward suggestions on vigorously promoting vertical mill in the cement industry in the 1980s, and some manufacturers launched their own vertical mill products at that time. However, due to the limitation of R & D level at that time, the vertical mill products at that time had inevitable technical defects, so many cement manufacturers finally switched to ball mill again.

With the significant improvement of grinding machine R & D technology, the vertical mill technology of foreign grinding machine manufacturers has become more and more mature, and the product technology advantages of vertical mill are becoming more and more prominent. In this situation, domestic mill manufacturers have learned from foreign successful experience, carried out major technological reform, and successively re launched vertical mill products with their own patented technology, which have gradually been accepted by domestic cement, electric power and chemical industries and become the preferred grinding equipment in the industry.

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