Top 5 Industrial Fields Of Graphite Application2021-09-16

Graphite has the advantages of strong environmental protection performance, strong wear resistance, not easy to scale, large heat transfer coefficient and small friction resistance. It is widely used in many industries.

1. Chlor Alkali And Sulfuric Acid Industry

We should also know that alkali and acid are the most serious corrosion to equipment. If ordinary equipment products are used for production and processing, they will certainly not be able to bear it. Therefore, only graphite can bear it. And the industry is the most widely used industry of graphite.

2. Phosphoric Acid And Phosphate Fertilizer Industry

The graphite to be used in this industry is hydration tower, cooler, sulfuric acid dilution cooler, evaporator, combustion furnace, etc.

3. Petrochemical Industry

This kind of industry is quite messy, but it also needs the participation of graphite.

4. Dye Industry

Because some acidic solutions will be used in the dye industry, some equipment products in graphite must be used in the process of treatment, such as heater, absorber, cooler, evaporator, etc.

5. Metal Surface Treatment

Metal is some stainless steel products, which are heated and concentrated with graphite and electric acid washing solution.

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