Top 3 Design Trends In Coal Mill Industry2020-11-14

Global megatrends are like tidal waves that cannot be dammed, The only thing we can do in different businesses is our best to adapt to change. As I run through the trends, I will try to give practical examples on how megatrends have contributed to coal mill design in SBM.

coal mill

1. New Materials

In the world of crusher design, especially plastics and composites. They are durable, light and versatile, but remarkably quick to produce. The utilization of plastics makes it possible to design machines more freely with less constraints, which, on the other hand, has resulted in manufacturing crushing plants that are lighter, easier to use, and safer. Cases made of composites, in turn, will help in reducing noise levels and dust control in the future.

2. Environment

Environment is a hot topic everywhere, but it is a particularly serious theme in the minerals processing and aggregate industries. 

To reduce the load on the environment, SCM ultrafine mill was designed for coal processing so that both noise and dust levels created while grinding are moderate, also enabling working in the heart of cities and neighbourhoods.

3. Usability

The fly ash processed by the mill can be recycled, that is, it can be used as a cement auxiliary material to greatly improve the performance of concrete; it can also be mixed with different types of cement clinker to make finished cement.

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