What Are The Functions Of Calcium Hydroxide In The Field Of Environmental Protection2021-05-20

As we all know, calcium hydroxide has been widely used in our production and life. Nowadays, as people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, no matter in industrial production or daily life, everyone is more What are the uses of calcium in the field of environmental protection? Today, the editor will give you a detailed explanation of the common role of calcium hydroxide in the field of environmental protection.

First, The Role Of Calcium Hydroxide In Wastewater Treatment

1. Environmentally friendly neutralizing agent: calcium hydroxide solution is less corrosive and alkaline than sodium hydroxide, but its aqueous solution is alkaline, which can neutralize acidic wastewater well, and it can also adjust the pH while letting metal ions in it. Precipitate out.

2. Capture agent: The hydroxide radical in the calcium hydroxide aqueous solution can well capture the straight metal ions in the wastewater. Make it produce water-insoluble sediment, and then add flocculant to precipitate and remove it.

3. Removal of fluoride ions: fluoride ions and many metal ions produce solubles, which determines aluminum flocculants (polyaluminum chloride, industrial aluminum sulfate, etc.) and iron flocculants (polyferric chloride, polysulfuric acid, etc.) Iron, ferrous tellurate) have no effect. Only the combination of calcium ions and fluoride ions can produce a precipitate that is insoluble with water. Only when a precipitate is produced, can the precipitate (calcium fluoride) be separated from the water by adding a flocculant. Such as the treatment of certain chemical wastewater containing fluorine, and the treatment of wastewater from glass products factories.

4. Increase the weight of waste water in many industries by adding aluminum-based flocculants or iron-based flocculants to produce very small and scattered floccules. It is difficult to sink in the sedimentation tank. At this time, calcium hydroxide is added to increase the specific gravity of the flocs and accelerate the sinking of the flocs. For example, paint spraying wastewater from some automobile factories, paint factory wastewater, etc.

5. Chemical conditioning: The special floc structure and high hydrophilicity of the remaining activated sludge in some industries make it difficult to remove the water contained. The use of calcium hydroxide as a chemical conditioning agent can change its characteristics and improve Sludge dewatering, sterilizing and promoting the hydrolysis of organic matter, thereby reducing the difficulty of operation. (Change the surface charge or three-dimensional structure of the colloid in the suspension solution, overcome the repulsive force between the particles, and use external forces such as stirring to make them collide with each other to achieve the effect of destabilization. The surface area of the colloid is greatly reduced, and the water distribution on the surface and inside is also changed. It reduces the adsorption of water and makes the sludge form a filter cake with large particles, more pores and strong structure, thereby improving the dewaterability of the sludge.) Such as petrochemical wastewater and starch factory wastewater.

Second, The Specific Application Of Calcium Hydroxide In Flue Gas Desulfurization

Coal-fired power generation, combined heat and power, central heating, steel smelting, waste incineration, waste-to-energy, sintering machines, pellet furnaces, coking furnaces, glass furnaces and other fields contain a large amount of sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, and a large amount of sulfur dioxide. A small amount of acid polluting gases such as fluoride and chloride ions. Direct discharge of these gases into the air will affect people's normal breathing, irritate the eyes, and may even cause damage to human skin. Under certain effects, they will also induce acid rain. For people's own health, it is urgent to take effective measures to carry out air pollution control activities.

Nowadays, calcium hydroxide has become the preferred treatment agent for acid and harmful gas pollutants all over the world. It is applied to the treatment of air pollutants and has better stability and low price than other alkaline hydroxides, and the subsequent treatment cost is low. Calcium series products used for environmental protection in advanced countries such as Germany and Japan have accounted for more than 15% of total calcium hydroxide production. In recent years, calcium hydroxide used in air pollution control in my country has also shown a rapid development trend.

Third, The Application Of Calcium Hydroxide In The Metallurgical Industry

In this industry, in order to coat the metal surface, it is necessary to remove impurities on the surface of the metal plate (including metal oxides), so dilute sulfuric acid must be used to remove it. The wastewater generated in the production process should be neutralized with calcium hydroxide.

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