Talc Mill Equipment Production Line Processing2021-04-23

Talc Grinding Equipment

Talcum powder is an important raw material for modern industry. Talc grinding equipment can be processed to different mesh to meet different industrial applications. Shanghai pulverizer technology provides a full range of pulverizer processing equipment (talc pulverizer/talc pulverizer) and pulverizer process design.

What Is Talc

Talc, also known as painting stone, liquid stone, stone, cold stone, stone, stone, is a common silicate mineral, its Mohrenheit hardness is 1. Talc is one of the dominant non-metallic minerals in China. The talc produced in China is famous for its high whiteness, pure texture and less harmful ingredients. It enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets and its output ranks in the world. 

Talc Mill Equipment Production Line Processing

With the rise of new material industry, the application field of talc is expanding, and the requirement of deep processing technology is getting higher and higher. Traditional processing technology can not meet the needs, many products require not only physical and chemical indexes, but also strength distribution, particle shape and crystal structure. Talc powder is widely used in papermaking, rubber, agriculture, lubricants, refractory materials, insulating materials, plastics, cables, ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, medical and other industries. What are the talc processing equipment?How to choose talc mill equipment?

Selection Of Talc Mill

Talc powder is generally divided into talc fine powder processing (20-400 mesh), and talc ultra-fine powder deep processing (400-1250 mesh) and micro-powder processing (1250 mesh - 3250 mesh) four types. The talc mill equipment needs to be directly related to what kind of talc the customer produces. For example, the powder processed by the talc mill with more than 325 mesh can be used for cosmetics, usually using the ultra-fine talc mill. 

Talc Grinding Processing Technology

1. Talc crushing stage: the bulk material is crushed by the talc crusher to the feeding fineness (15mm-50mm) of the talc grinder. 

2. Talc grinding stage: small pieces of material that meet the grinding conditions are uniformly and quantitatively transported into the grinding chamber of the mill and ground into powder in the grinding chamber. 

3. talc powder grading stage: the material after grinding is graded by the sorting machine with the system air flow, and the unqualified powder is graded by the sorting machine and returned to the main machine grinding chamber for re grinding. 

4. talcum powder collection stage: the powder conforming to the fineness enters the powder collection system with the air flow through the pipeline, the gas powder is separated, the finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device, and then the powder tank truck or automatic baler is unified for packaging. 

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